Technovation empowers girls to become technology entrepreneurs

At VBP Orange, I had the opportunity to work with nonprofit Technovation, a global education program that teaches and empowers girls to become technology entrepreneurs. They then program mobile apps that help solve problems they see in their own communities. Participants learn how to communicate these ideas and translate them into a fully launched business. We saw a gem of a company bogged down and held back by old branding and an overwhelmingly complicated website. 


Building a brand for the future of women entrepreneurs

Technovation is making a change in the future of women in technology and we wanted their rebranding and website design to reflect this endeavor. We needed to create a brand that attracted a demographic where woman only fill a scant one-fourth of computing jobs. After deep exploration, we developed a new brand ID system and colorful website that captures the essence of Technovation. In building this brand, we employed a confident, stylized ‘T’ to symbolize the intertwined paths of the Technovation journey: the girl, her sponsor, and her mentor.


Expressing the new brand on the web

When designing the website, we first reinvented the entire information architecture and created a content strategy with a clear narrative and purpose. We wanted to highlight how to get started in the program, give girls an idea of what they will be learning, and provide a way for participants and parents to get involved in The World Pitch.

Technovation Web Grid LargeTechnovation Web Grid Large
Technovation Mobile SiteTechnovation Mobile Site

"As a nonprofit with a complex set of stakeholders and multiple types of interactions, we struggled to find a way to tell our story. We enjoyed learning from VBP Orange about creating a powerful brand that authentically represents the voice of all our amazing participants—the girls, mentors, educators and regional ambassadors from all over the world. Thank you so much."

—Tara Chklovski, Founder & CEO, Iridescent


Created at VBP Orange in San Francisco.

Director of Strategy: Harlan Kennedy
Director of Design: Marc Woollard
Strategy: Allison Solomson
Design Lead: Michael Lashford
Design: Micaela Ballew