Massage Envy helps people feel their best

Massage Envy helps people put their bodies first, and the space where they do that is the most important point in that journey. At VBP Orange, we created a new vision for Massage Envy's franchise locations. In this new vision, important brand moments, like reception, greet guests with warm, authentic materials like wood and linen.


Creating an experience that promotes wellness

As we move through the space, a neutral color palette brings comfort. Soft lighting helps guide to and highlight destinations. The thoughtful use of brand patterns creates interest while controlled pops of color add surprise. Black and white photography was carefully chosen to invite sophistication, but also to provide calmness in the space. A design manual was also created for franchise owners to guide them in enhancing their spaces. 


Created at VBP Orange in San Francisco.

Director of Strategy: Harlan Kennedy
Director of Design: Marc Woollard
Strategy: Allison Solomson
Design Lead: Michael Lashford
Design: Micaela Ballew & Chris Fairchild