Dexa, the future of diabetes management

Dexa is a concept mobile app for diabetics that shows glucose levels in the body in real time. In a future of wearables such as smart contact lenses, temporary tattoo stickers, or implants, Dexa would be an invaluable resource. The number of Americans with diagnosed diabetes is projected to increase 165%, from 11 million in 2000 to 29 million in 2050. Medical technology needs to keep up with this growth to provide the best healthcare experience possible and quality of life. For my senior thesis, I was really interested in exploring a concept that could positively impact the diabetes community. 

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Designing a platform for an easier experience

Type I and Type II diabetics need a platform to access their glucose levels quickly and at any time from their smartphone, without the painful prick of a needle or the lag time of current monitoring devices. Dexa gives parents of diabetic children peace of mind by helping them monitor their child’s status remotely, even while they are at school. The app could also help these children and teenagers attain a feeling of normality, especially in the judgemental world of school. In the future, checking their glucose would no longer mean a lot of equipment; it would be as simple and casual as checking a text message.