We built a platform for a craft beer to speak to its fans

At VBP Orange, we are continuing to shape an experience that brings customers into the brewing process in an engaging way. We started this journey by creating a brewery process illustration, installed on three 15' panels. Located inside the brewery tour hallway, it gives visitors an inside look into how Blue Moon beer is made. The Blue Moon Brewery opened in Denver, Colorado on September 1st, 2016. More activations for the tour are being finalized for 2017.


Sharing the craft of Blue Moon through illustration

I was responsible for the brewery process illustration, and worked with a Design Lead and Senior Strategist to bring it to life in the space. The illustration explains what is happening on the other side of the windows, from sourcing ingredients all the way to bottling. We utilized the rustic, warm color palette that the new Blue Moon Brewery cultivates in their space and beer packaging. 


Created at VBP Orange in San Francisco.

Director of Strategy: Harlan Kennedy
Director of Design: Marc Woollard
Strategy: Emily Privot
Design Lead: Michael Lashford
Design: Micaela Ballew