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Design a Simple Life

Simple Flowers

Yesterday I decided to sign up for an email newsletter from No Sidebar about designing a simple life. In general, I try to do things to stay balanced, but it only seems to last a little while and then things go back to being the way they were: unbalanced. I find that something always wins, and something always suffers. I want to get out of this cycle and actually make some strides and progress towards designing the life I want and the way I want to be as a person. So along the way, I think I should write about how things are going, what I've learned, and where my journey is taking me. I haven't done nearly enough personal writing or journalling as I should lately. Why do things always get in the way? Maybe it's me making excuses, or maybe I don't make time for it. Regardless, I'm excited about this journey with No Sidebar and excited to see what happens. One of my favorite articles they published is called 5 Ways to Live More Intentionally, check it out!

Today, I got my first email, Day 1: You Are Enough.

Also today, I went to the SF MoMa with my mom. It was just so fun to go through the museum with someone who has fresh eyes and who hasn't seen any of the art before. She had strong opinions about certain artworks, which I loved. And even though I thought I had seen it all before, I came out of the museum with a fresh perspective and felt so inspired. My mom said, "If you don't come out of there feeling inspired, something's wrong with you." The art in there is spectacular. If you haven't been, I highly encourage you to go!