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Excursion #2

"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence."
—Ansel Adams

On a sunny and warm Friday afternoon, my mom and I made our way down to Mumm Winery on the Silverado Trail. I was excited to see the Ansel Adams exhibit as I had heard from friends that it was really beautiful. This little excursion from the normal was exactly what I needed after being stressed with school and finals coming up. Neither I or my mother had ever been to Mumm before, so it was a new experience for us. The grounds were beautiful, the sunny patios filled with people, the red accent chairs and umbrellas on the brink of a beautiful view of the Napa Valley and rows of endless vineyards. On the horizon line was the edge of the valley, light blue rolling mountains that are signature to this place I call home. We went into the gallery, and were entranced by the beauty we found there in the black and white photographs! Here is my photo journal.

The outdoor setting was beautiful! I really loved the aesthetic and the warm breeze coming through the patio. Below are some of my favorite photographs from the exhibition.

The church by Bodega Bay that I have seen many times on family excursions to the beach (like the one in Excursion #1!). I recognized this photograph almost immediately and it brought me back in time to when I  was standing at the bottom of this road looking up at it.

The above photograph was particularly interesting to me because the caption told of how Ansel Adams would manipulate different colored lenses as well to get the right amount of deep richness in the black and white photographs. He was trying to recreate the image he saw in his head or make it look as close as possible to the magnitude and sheer sublime that he felt standing before it. He wanted the viewer to feel what he felt, which I thought was really neat.

The photographs I took of the photographs don't do any of these justice, but they were quite beautiful to look at. I was also loved learning more about Ansel Adams and his passion for preservation of wilderness lands. He was a very important figure in environmentalism, and I do not think I realized how much work he actually did for conservation. His passion for Yosemite really shows through his photographs, and I could tell how he had fallen in love with it. They were beautiful. I'm really happy I made the trip down to Mumm. It was a great experience.