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Surgery is no joke













Exactly a week ago I underwent an adult tonsillectomy (somehow it sounds ridiculous just by adding the word 'adult'), and it was honestly pretty brutal. They don't tell you how much pain you are going to be in afterwards, probably for good reason. However, I'm alive, and recovering. They say the recovery period is around 2-3 weeks, so hopefully I will be much, much better soon. Oh and I wanted to let everyone know who is wondering if I am eating a bunch of ice cream: no, I am not eating ice cream, mostly because of the fact that I cannot physically swallow ice cream. Also because I don't like ice cream. Oops. Only kids have fun getting their tonsils out. 'Adults' have it hard, and I thought I was still a kid (21 cannot possibly be considered an adult). Just wanted to vent it out.

Painful kisses,


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